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Where do we get the money to start a business or to make a new investment? A solution to that problem is a business loan.


Often a business loan is provided to finance an investment. In most cases, a term is determined in advance, often of one year. However, you can also choose to take out a longer loan. As an entrepreneur there are various possibilities for a business loan.

There are different ways in which you can ‘borrow’ money as an entrepreneur. These forms are taken as a guideline in this article and further explained, so that you get a good picture of the possibilities you have.

Form Possibility 1 Possibility 2 Possibility 3
Business Loan Loan Business Lease  
Business Credit Account Courant Credit Factoring Bank guarantee
Alternative Forms Crowdfunding    

Independent entrepreneurs

As an independent entrepreneur it is not impossible to take out a business loan, but it is certainly not easy. Entrepreneurship always involves risks. If these risks have to be borne by one person, which is the case if you are self-employed, the bank that provides the loan also runs a risk. That is why banks do not always want to lend to a self-employed person. For the bank it is ultimately important that they get the borrowed money back.
If the income of you as an independent entrepreneur is uncertain, it may be that the bank decides to reject your application. Yet there is another way to get a loan. This can be done by presenting the annual accounts for the past three years, having a positive capital and not being personally registered with the Credit Registration Bureau.

Business loan

If you take out a loan as a private individual, you will be checked by in Tiel. This test takes place to prevent Dutch people borrowing more than is responsible. checks in the first instance whether it is justified to provide the loan. All loans and other financial liabilities are registered with . If you have a negative registration as a private individual, your application for a loan will probably be rejected.

This is different for business loans. In most cases, does not deal with business loans. In very specific cases, the agency does carry out a review, but this is usually not the case. A company credit is not specifically registered with . That is why you, as an entrepreneur, can borrow business money without registration.

1. Possibilities business loan

If you are eligible for a business loan as an entrepreneur, then it is time to decide what kind of loan you want. There are various ways to borrow money and one of these options will be most suitable for you. In addition to an ‘ordinary’ loan from a bank, you can think of business lease, business credit or factoring, for example.
Compare Business Bills

Often a certain amount is agreed with a business account on current credit to where you can deposit or withdraw cash, flexible and continuous. Variable monthly payments are paid depending on the amount you have withdrawn and the interest rate. As with a loan, in most cases it is necessary to have a collateral. There is something in this way in case you can not meet the payment obligation. In most cases this is a stock or inventory, but this can also be a business or the surplus value of your home. This also has some advantages for you as applications, because the more security there is, the less interest you pay.

If you want to take out a current account credit, you can do this with various financial institutions. Banks often also offer this type of credit. Important to know is that banks in many cases do not distinguish between applying for a current account credit or a loan. In that case you still have to do a lot of work before you are eligible for a credit at all.


As an entrepreneur you are dealing with debtors, creditors and cash flow. It is not self-evident that your debtors pay their invoices before you have to pay your own costs. If this is not the case, you will have to fulfill your own payment obligations in a different way. Factoring is a good solution for this. You do not need to apply for an additional loan for your financing and can still pay your creditors.

Factoring is a form of payment that is often offered by a bank where you immediately receive an advance, based on the invoices you have drawn up. You often receive this money within thirty or sixty days. With this traditional form of factoring you still have the risks of the outstanding invoices yourself. In addition to traditional factoring, the American form of factoring also increasingly occurs in the Netherlands. You are no longer responsible for the outstanding invoices, but the entire debtor portfolio is taken over by a third party. This party will then, of course, also assume the associated risks. With this credit, which is often provided by bank-independent institutions, the costs are slightly different. Usually this is between 3 and 6 percent.

In addition to the benefits that factoring entails, there are also disadvantages to this form of credit. First, the maximum amount you can obtain with it is often related to your sales or invoices. This is therefore a fairly limited amount. In addition, with the traditional form, you still bear the risk of not paying your debtors or not paying them on time.

Bank guarantee

When you make a large financial transaction or investment, you may be asked for a bank guarantee. This is in fact a contract whereby the bank unconditionally guarantees that an amount will be paid if it is claimed. This is therefore not a payment method, but a certainty that the agreed performance is delivered. If not, the counterparty receives financial compensation. This gives you extra security and trust to the person you do business with, in case you do not comply with the agreements made.
When you have a bank guarantee issued by a bank, for example, you enter into a financial obligation with this bank.

3. Crowdfunding opportunities

When you have to invest your company in a company, project or product, but you do not have the money for it directly, you can apply for a loan or credit. This ultimately costs money and involves risks. If you do not want to go for this, there is the possibility of crowdfunding. This is a form of financing in which several parties jointly invest in this company, project or product. Since the crisis this form of financing has grown, partly because getting a business loan can sometimes be difficult.

In fact, you raise money from the general public. This prevents a visit to the bank or other financial institution. In addition to money, crowdfunding also generates name recognition and you bind customers to your company or project. Crowdfunding can be done in different ways. The main forms of crowdfunding are shares, loans, donations without counterparts and donations with non-financial consideration.

While loans are often not paid to new entrepreneurs, crowdfunding is an interesting way to raise money for both start-ups and established companies. Nevertheless, a lot of time, knowledge and energy are involved in this form of credit. For example, you have to have a good plan in advance, you have to set a remuneration for the investors, choose a crowdfunding platform, arrange a good pitch, mobilize your network and start a campaign. In addition, once you have done all this, it is also a matter of staying in touch with the investors. If all of this succeeds, you have found a good form of business money.


Whether you opt for a business loan, a business credit or for crowdfunding; it is good to realize that every loan entails risks. For example, if you can not fulfill your repayment obligations, chances are that you will lose your personal assets or personal belongings.

Therefore never borrow more than you need. Although the lender always looks at your turnover and the maximum repayment obligation when applying for a loan, it is important not to let everything depend on the assessment of this lender. It is important that you take action yourself. You actively consider the loan; is it really necessary and how much does it have to be? Do not borrow more than necessary. You will then run a greater risk of not being able to meet the repayment obligations.

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Business Loans: how it works, risks and remuneration, is it worthwhile? Thu, 14 Feb 2019 23:38:10 +0000


Let’s find out what business lending is, with the main characteristics of this practice spread in the financial world. Let’s see how business lending works and why it can be convenient to do so. Finally we will see in detail the risks and the remuneration expected by the banks, to see if it is actually worthwhile to lend their business.

Business Loans: how does it work and why do we do it?

If you own certain financial instruments, in particular the shares of publicly traded companies, a practice that might interest you is the so-called business lending. Many people choose this way to get a certain remuneration. But who are these financial business lent to ? The recipient of the loan is our bank, which in this way obtains its ownership. The reason why our bank might be interested in borrowing our shares is to be sought in particular in the stock exchange rules, which then define the way in which business are sold. For those not particularly interested in the subject, it is good to remember specifically a rule, according to which the actual passage of a title takes place only after three working days. This means that if today you choose to sell one of your shares to another customer, the latter will have the stock purchased only in three working days.

A bearish figure in the financial markets world is that of the bearish, which is defined as the one who obtains a profit from the lowering of the prices of certain shares. To obtain this profit, the rule we have just reported is exploited. In the event that the price of an action is expected to suffer a shortfall soon, then it is possible to sell shares that are not available today, or sell more than they have at their disposal. The important fact is that after three days the shares sold are all on our account and can thus take place already agreed. In the hours that pass between the sale and the actual passage, then the seller can buy the business he has not yet available, and if the price has actually lowered he will be able to obtain the desired profit. The problem is that even the shares bought in this way will be transferred after three working days. So how does the bearer have on his account all the shares sold at the time when the transition must take place? The solution is precisely that of business lending, which we are talking about in this article.

In the case just considered, therefore, the person who has sold his shares needs to “cover” only the period of time that passes between the day when the shares are transferred to the customer who bought them and the one in which the shares purchased from the seller they will be at their disposal. The business loan therefore has an extremely short duration, which will be equal to one or two days. Despite this it is a fundamental practice, without which these bearish operations would be impossible to complete. Considering the passage of business that happens every day, there are many customers looking for business on loan. For this reason, the bank, which obviously receives a certain remuneration for this service, is always interested in having at its disposal as many actions as possible. To do this, the easiest way is to ask for business from their clients, who can then choose to offer them on loan to their bank, which will be owned by the bank for a certain period of time.

Probably for the less experienced this reasoning may be slightly complicated, even if we have tried to simplify the concept as much as possible. In any case, however, for customers interested in lending business it is not essential to know in detail how the sale and transfer of shares takes place. What interests all those who choose to lend business is obviously the aspect of remuneration, which we will see better in the next paragraphs. From the opinions published online by customers who have chosen the path of the loan of financial business what is clear is that it is certainly convenient. Many users point out that after an initial distrust of this practice have now become the usual lenders of business for their bank. A feature that is underlined is that despite the ownership of the shares provided either temporarily of the bank it is still possible to make the sale at any time. This means that the loan of the business will not entail particular problems from the point of view of the management of the shares we own, since these will always be available in our dossier.

Risks and remuneration of the business Loan: expected conditions

When it comes to financial markets and in particular the sale and lending of shares, it is always good to be very cautious. To avoid losing part of your savings it is very important to pay attention to any operation you make, carefully assessing all possible risks. This argument obviously applies also in the case of business lending, and for this reason we want to analyze in detail what the risks are, also based on the opinions we have found online. First of all, it is good to reassure the most suspicious, as the loan of business is a particularly safe operation. The risk of losing one’s titles is minimal and some opinions even define it as non-existent. Although in practice one can speak of non-existent risk, in the financial market world this definition is improper, which is why it is good to consider in detail the concrete risks.

As we have already said, when we choose to lend our business to our bank they become the property of the latter, which can then choose to offer them on loan to another customer who requests them. In this sense, therefore, we who have lent our shares to the bank have a credit to the bank. But what would happen if the bank failed? In this case the loss of the actions we have performed will occur. This is the only risk that you run when you decide to make the business loan, since only in this case the loss of such business occurs. By doing all due exigencies, the bankruptcy of a bank is an extremely rare event, which is why there is talk of minimal and often even non-existent risks. Furthermore, bank failure often is not sudden but anticipated by some signals that can be alarming. In case you have bad omens you can choose to cease the loan and reappropriate your business, which in case of bankruptcy can not be claimed by the creditors of the bank.

Considering the absolutely minimal risks of business lending, there are many customers who choose this practice for remuneration. As with any type of investment, minimum risks correspond to minimum risks. business lending is offered by all major banks, each of which defines its own remuneration. To carry out business lending, the bank must be authorized to manage our shares. To do this you need to access your file and manage it in a few simple clicks, using the Internet Banking services offered by your company. The gains as we have said are minimal, given that it is a few cents for each loan. In the long run and for a large number of business it is still possible to obtain a satisfactory remuneration, especially considering that the risks are practically nil.



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New business loans: which types and how to request them Sat, 05 Jan 2019 23:03:27 +0000

Opening a new business involves a great commitment of resources, economic but not only. It is certain that the financial commitment to be tackled is the most burdensome, above all because to start from scratch a new business, start-ups, the energy to spend are many and the money to invest must be appropriate to cope with the first years of life of the project egg. Once consolidated, the activity will find its own way and have its own livelihood. Initially, however, it needs a little help. It is essential not to have problems of an economic nature and to be sure of being able to count on a loan to have the liquidity necessary to start the new business. The current reality offers different tools from which to draw, choosing the most suitable: from subsidized loans for youth entrepreneurship to those for female entrepreneurship; from European funds, to state or regional funds. The scenario is wide. Let’s see some in specific.

New zero-interest companies

Speaking of state funds, as of January 1, 2016, applications were collected to access the ” zero interest rate ” measure, which provides a figure of 50 million euros. Specifically, these are new and updated facilities with respect to the Self-Employ mentality measure envisaged by Legislative Decree No. 185 of 2000, Securities I. These facilities may finance new activities for a maximum value of 1.5 million euros. This possibility of access to credit is provided in particular for companies mostly owned by young people between 18 and 35 years old, set up in companies within 1 month prior to the application or alternatively set up in companies within 45 days of the request. The applications must be submitted online and a bureaucratic procedure is foreseen which also includes an assessment of merit.

What facilities does the fund provide?

The characteristics of this financial instrument are outlined and establish a zero-interest f for a duration of 8 years and which will cover 75% of the total expenses of the new business. 15% remains at the expense of the new company. In this way, various activities can be financed:

  • Production of goods, handicrafts, agricultural products processing;
  • Supply of services;
  • Trade in goods and services;
  • Tourism

Bank loans

Each banking institution offers various instruments for access to credit, which can also be used to open new businesses with special treatment in terms of interest rates. An example is which offers a loan to finance up to 100 thousand euros for a maximum duration of 7 years, repayable in monthly, quarterly or semi-annual installments. The criteria to be eligible for this loan are different, including a guarantee covering 60% of the loan and a contribution of 30% of the total investment plan.

Other tools

Beyond these tools, there are some that provide for a portion of non-repayable financing, which are obviously the most appropriate for a start-up. They belong to this category:

  • subsidized loans for female entrepreneurship, provided by European communities or regions;
  • Facilitated loans for youth entrepreneurship ;
Type of business Requirements
individual companies woman entrepreneur
coop or people society 60% of the component is female
limited company participation fees for 2/3 held by women
companies, consortia, associations, consulting services 70% of the shares held by women

While for young entrepreneurship what is said about the new zero-rate companies just above, in the first case the funds are disbursed by the regions in different ways depending on the same, according to territorial needs. Specifically, it is envisaged that, on pre-established costs, the company may benefit from a tax deductible from the gross tax in the tax return. The remaining part of the amount will be granted at a subsidized rate. Companies must be small : less than 50 employees, no more than 5 million euros turnover.

We can therefore argue that the loans for the new business activities envisaged by the system are different, it is sufficient to evaluate the different opportunities and to understand what may be the best choice.

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Business Loans Requirements Thu, 20 Dec 2018 05:33:23 +0000


Business Loans: what they are, to whom they are addressed, conditions and interest rates

Among the numerous financing options available for 2019 are business loans . This type of financing is different from personal loans as it is not aimed at any type of client. So before analyzing the economic characteristics of this product it is good to focus on who are the beneficiaries of these loans. As can easily be understood from the name, business loans are short or medium-term loans that are obviously addressed to companies , but more generally to all those who carry out a business. Therefore, all self-employed workers who work as freelancers , artisans , individual companies regardless of their sector of the economy, and finally companies and entities, can access the business loans. What differentiates business loans from personal loans is not just the type of clientele that this product targets. A very important difference lies in the fact that these are not non-finalized loans. In order to receive a company loan, it is necessary to present the cost estimate that must include the purchase of goods or services strictly connected to the performance of their business activity.

Therefore, thanks to company loans, companies will be able to meet various expenses necessary for the growth of their business , with the advantage of being able to meet these expenses in convenient installments. If you are interested in this type of financing our advice is to evaluate different solutions so you can compare the economic conditions offered based on the estimates that will be proposed. To analyze in detail the main features of business loans, let’s take a look at what are currently the best solutions on the market.

One of the leading banks in its product range for business loans. The product that is proposed by this company is the Business Loan , which has the advantage of being flexible and adapting to customer needs. With the business loan it is possible to receive an amount of up to 200,000 euros , which obviously will have to be used to face the eligible expenses related to the development of your company. Regarding the duration of the repayment plan, this can be set by the customer at the time of the request in order to fix the monthly rate that you prefer. In general, however, the duration must necessarily be between 6 months and 120 months . Finally, the Business Loan is very flexible also from the point of view of interest rates. It is in fact possible to choose between a fixed rate that guarantees a single installment for the entire duration without surprises, and a variable rate thanks to which you can save money in the event of positive movements in the financial markets.

Another very good company loan is offered . The general characteristics of the loan are very similar to those we have listed so far. It is in fact a loan aimed at freelancers, companies and companies that are interested in investing in their business by addressing expenses for the purchase of machinery, IT services and so on. Also in this case it is possible to choose between a fixed rate and a variable rate . To receive a detailed cost estimate and therefore know the monthly repayment rate and the applied interest rates, contact the company or go directly to one of the branches. To receive further information about the company loans offered by the bank, it is possible to fill in the form available on the company’s website by entering our personal data and a telephone number. We can also specify whether to be contacted by phone or via Whatsapp. Once contacted by the company we can then schedule an appointment at the nearest branch in order to receive a detailed estimate for our company loan.

Although the products just analyzed are particularly interesting, it should be noted that business loans are not only offered by banks. In some cases it is indeed possible to access even cheaper products. For example, we are talking about non-repayable loans for micro, small and medium-sized companies , or loans at zero interest rates and, more generally, for subsidized loans . These loans are usually offered to those who are willing to start new startups . Therefore, those who want to start their own individual company, a small business or a company can take advantage of these loans. Usually, priority is given to these business loans to special categories of customers such as young entrepreneurs aged between 18 and 35 or female entrepreneurship . Therefore, if you are willing to start a new business and are looking for a company loan, we advise you to take a look at the calls for tenders in your region for the granting of non-repayable loans or subsidized loans. To see if you can have access to the desired credit, just read the call for bids regarding the sectors of the economy affected by the call, the maximum amount payable, the eligible expenses and anything else.

Business Loans for Employees: loan payroll request for liquidity

Another type of loan that is identified under the name of business loans is that of loans to employees. This financing option is very interesting as it can allow you to save yourself a lot. First of all, let’s see how the business loans for employees work in general. It is a personal loan that has the distinction of not being provided by a real credit institution, but by an employer. These are in fact what are called the fringe benefits , ie “favors” that the employer can choose to offer to their employees in order to strengthen the link with the company. As far as the economic treatment offered is concerned, the payroll loan for liquid assets can be considered to all effects a transfer of one fifth of the salary .

The payment of the loan takes place on the paycheck and the repayment installments agreed for the entire duration of the loan will be deducted from the same every month. The advantage of business loans for employees is certainly in convenience . By choosing this solution it is indeed possible to access the desired amount through a loan with a particularly low interest rate . Moreover, compared to the loans offered by the lenders, this solution can be requested more easily because the required requirements are minimal . Our employer knows everything about us and our economic situation, which is why he will immediately be able to assess the installment we can fix. So based on the amount at which we are interested we can set the ideal duration. Requesting the business loan for employees is very simple, and to do so, simply contact our employer directly without going through any financial intermediary.

In particular, in order to make a cash-on-demand payroll loan request, we need to send a document to our employer that can be sent either by email or by paper. This document must obviously include our personal data and the amount to which we are interested, which usually does not exceed 5,000 euros for this type of financing as we are not approaching a credit institution. In addition, it is necessary to specify the duration that we prefer for our repayment plan, which can usually take up to 48 months. Finally you must report the expenses that will be incurred with the amount you are requesting. In the event of termination of employment before full reimbursement, the employer will be entitled to recover the portion of money not reimbursed by the severance pay and the termination indemnities. To conclude the speech about business loans for employees, our advice before proceeding with the formal request is to address directly to your employer to present your need for money and try to agree on the possible methods of loan in payroll for liquidity .



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Business Loans for shop opening Mon, 26 Nov 2018 05:43:14 +0000

All you need to know about loans for opening new businesses. Let’s see what are the best solutions in circulation, with the characteristics of these loans, from the requirements necessary to be able to request them at the economic conditions offered. So let’s see how to apply for funding to open a store or any other new business .

Business loans for shop opening: zero interest loans for new commercial activity

If you are interested in opening a new store or any other business , then you are probably also looking for a loan that allows you to deal with all related expenses. In this article we want to present the best solutions, which we will analyze the required requirements and the economic conditions offered. ” New zero-interest companies ” is the project promoted with the aim of encouraging the development of new commercial activities and more. This is an excellent opportunity that allows you to receive the money you need to carry out your project on extremely advantageous terms. The categories of customers to whom the Business loans are offered for the opening of new stores and other activities are those of young people and women . So the fundamental requirement that is required is that the company that wants to be constituted must necessarily be composed mainly of women or young people between the ages of 18 and 35 .

In this way a great help is given to those who unfortunately nowadays find many difficulties in the realization of their dreams. There are several advantages of Business loans for the opening of shops and other commercial activities. First of all, there are no economic requirements . This is a great advantage especially for young people, given that the latter are hardly able to present the economic guarantees that are usually required in the case of classic personal loans. Another very important advantage is that the one offered by is a zero interest loan . Therefore, besides being an excellent opportunity for all those interested in opening a shop or another business, it is also an extremely convenient loan. Zero-interest loans are among the best in circulation, as interest spending is usually the one that increases the cost of our financing. As for the amount that can be requested, it is specified how to finance expenditure projects that can even go up to 1.5 million euros . Of the total expenditure finances 75% , while the remaining part will have to be co-financed by the company, also through bank loans.

This is why the funding offered by to young people and women is always in demand. Therefore, if you are interested in starting a new business, we advise you to proceed as soon as possible with the presentation of the application . To do this simply connect to the website and fill out the form relating to zero interest loans for new companies. Then you will need to register by indicating your email address. Once logged in, you can proceed with the request, entering your data, the amount of money you need and the detailed business plan of the project you intend to implement and all the necessary documentation. In order to complete the request you will need a certified e- mail address ( PEC ) and digital signature , which will allow you to identify yourself in total security. To be decisive for the successful outcome of the request is the goodness of the project, so the applicant will have to show that he deserves this great funding opportunity offered by .

Loans for new companies: requirements and how to apply for the loan

Among the main banks that offer their customers specific forms of financing for those interested in starting new businesses. For this reason we advise you to keep an eye on the product that takes the name of ” Start Up “, which was born with the aim of supporting new business ideas. Unlike the loan option we analyzed in the previous paragraphs, in this case no restrictions on the age or gender of employees are specified. The requisites required by to access the financing for new companies are different. First of all, registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Crafts and Agriculture is required for no more than 21 months. Furthermore, the release of the eligible guarantee must be at least 60% of the loans or loans granted. Finally, it is necessary to demonstrate that at least 30% of the investment plan to be implemented is financed by own means.

The sum of money that can be requested with the start-up loans will be lower than that applied to but still rather high, since it can reach up to 100,000 euros . Regarding the duration of the loan, this can be chosen by the customer at the time of the request based on the amount requested and their needs. In particular, the duration can be up to a maximum of 7 years , with the opportunity also to choose between monthly, quarterly and semi-annual installments. Precisely this freedom of choice in the repayment plan is a feature that makes loans for new business even more interesting.

So if you are interested in this form of loan, we recommend that you make an appointment at the branch to discuss your situation and the financing you need with a consultant who will advise you in the best way. Visiting the site you can fix your appointment by choosing from the map the office closest to your home. Before going to the branch, we advise you to prepare a business plan in which you present in detail the entrepreneurial project you want to start and all the expenses to be faced for the realization of the same. If this is an actual project, then you will most likely have no problem getting the financing you need. As we have already said, for this type of financing the demonstration of competence by the client presenting the request for funding is vital, which will have to convince the bank that its project is actually valid. In this way you can finally open the store that you dream of, or any other business to make a change in your working life.



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